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CMMRF: 2021 in Review

CMMRF: 2021 in Review
Submitted By Right Puissant Companion G. Thomas Taylor
General Grand Principal Conductor of the Work


At the beginning of 2021 the Board established a very aggressive goal for fund raising. The goal was established as $500,000, or more than 50% of previous amounts. While we knew the goal was aggressive, we felt it was reachable. It appears we will come up short of our goal for 2021.

The good news about CMMRF is that we have raised more money in 2021 than in any preceding year. We have exceeded our previous record by over 10%!! We were able to encourage donations from jurisdictions that have not given for several years. We had a 58% increase in first time donors. There is a renewed enthusiasm and interest in CMMRF.

We tried several new programs to encourage donations. The year started with a challenge to raise $50,000 in the first quarter. CMMRF raised over $75,000 in the first quarter. This was the greatest amount raised in a first quarter in any year in our history! We started the sale of items for the benefit of generating an opportunity to tell the benefits of stem cell research sponsored by CMMRF and to raise funds. This has proven successful. And yes, look for future programs of this type.

A renewed emphasis was placed on educating and assisting State Chairman reach goals. One of the key components of this was having Area Coordinators to work one on one with State Chairman. A great big THANK YOU to Sid Cooley, Todd Carpenter, Dick Fowler, and Brian Ragain for not only working in their Jurisdictions but also marshalling surrounding states. These men along with many others are to be commended for their dedication to CMMRF.

A big THANK YOU goes to all the State CMMRF Chairman who have really come through this year. So many states have increased their donations and this is a credit to the State Chairman who have spread the word and solicited the funds.

This year, CMMRF has designated 79% of donations to The Indiana University Vascular Research Program. This includes a $195,000 donation for the research program. And a special gift of $75,000 for reagents needed to facilitate the identification of viable stem cells. This allows for greater chances of successful therapies. These gifts to IU are a recent record. Something to be proud of!

Companions, we can all take pride in the work being done by and behalf of CMMRF. Every day new great strides are being made in the vascular Labs at IU. Studies will be moving into clinical trials in the near future. This will mean more money is needed to fund these trials. As w put the past behind us, let us look to the future. Let us commit to giving; to raising more money to fund the critical work being done with stem cells.

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