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Be Part of the Future!

Be Part of the Future

by John L. Belanger


Companions, come and be a part of the future. Yes, you can help make Masonry come alive in the eyes and minds of millions of Masons and non-Masons.
We are looking for you to write an article (short talk paper) which will be published on the internet for all to read.  Each month these articles will be reviewed and one will be given the distinct honor of being selected as the best short talk of the month. The best articles will be submitted for publication in Decryption, our weekly e-newsletter:

You may say, I do not know enough about Masonry, but this is not true. You know more than you think you do! Just think of how you talk to another Brother, Companion, or Sir Knight about any segment of our Masonic degrees such as: “What do the 4 veils or 9 arches mean”; “What is the meaning of the circumambulation in each of the three lodge degrees”; or how you explain to a new Companion “The meaning of any part of the Royal Master Degree, Select Master Degree, Super Excellent Master Degree”, or “How various pieces of music enrich our understanding of Masonry.” We all need to remember that Masonry can be understood at many levels, and although the expression of that understanding may differ a little in various parts of the Masonic world, it all contains the same deep philosophic teachings and meanings.

Your paper may deal with the meaning of a particular part of a degree as you experienced and understood it. Sharing how each of us sees the degree or symbol through our own eyes, enriches the understanding of others. It could also deal with the history of a degree or order. Share with the world your knowledge and thoughts on Masonic events happening in your state such as; \”The day the Civil war was stopped to bury a brother Mason from the other side\”, etc. Most of all, you can relate how events affected your life and understanding through the principles and virtues demonstrated there, or how it could affect the lives of others.
As we are taught you have advanced one step into the mysteries of Masonry. We have taken obligations that demand of us that we take the time to instruct our less informed brothers by sharing what our experience of Masonry means to us. This is your chance!   

Just REMEMBER, education of our less informed brethren is the responsibility of all Masons. You can make a difference in another brother’s life by sharing your understanding of the Royal Craft: yes, you can. You can be a part of molding and shape the future of Masonry in ways no one has ever thought of before. You are not going to give any secrets or change the foundations of Masonry; rather, you will help open a door that others may not have seen. Just as you discovered in life and in Masonry, when you open one door there will always be two more doors yet to be opened.  Here is your chance.  Contact us and we will help you help others learn from your Masonic experience!

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