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2019-02-11 From the Editor

Stephen A. Balke, GGR
Weekly Decryption Editor


For two years in a row, the Trustees of the General Grand Council have gone to the Southwest Regional Conference, had a great planning session, and started implementing projects and programs based upon feedback that is discussed and a response planned. In each case, it seems like a hibernation period has followed, and then the fruits of labor start to be exposed to constituents.
In this edition of the Weekly Decryption, you will see a few things that reflect the pattern:

  1. The General Grand Master announced the printing and distribution of the 2018 Provisional Edition of the Ritual – which was a huge effort shouldered by many Companions! THANK YOU!
  2. The Deputy General Grand Master has asked for your continued support for his Cryptic Journey – which he is already working toward by fostering a team environment and making plans for the General Grand Council to continue to flourish!
  3. The website has been altered to provide different listings on the calendar, and we are currently solidifying the process for every Constituent Jurisdiction and Council to share their calendar items. Once shared and published, they will be added to the appropriate event list and be available.
  4. We have added links to contribute to the current fund drive for Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation – CMMRF Day. There are also other options that are directed toward supporting this important charity and effort – thank you to Daniel Hanttula!

We are in the process of catching up on posting the content which has been submitted and believe that we are ready for a very productive and communicative New Year!
Our hope is that all of you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to a great year for Cryptic Masonry in particular, and all Freemasonry.

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