Overview of August 2021 Legislation for General Grand Council Constitution & Bylaws: Resolution 48-06
Submitted by Right Puissant Companions Chuck McCollum, General Grand Treasurer and Steve Balke, General Grand Recorder

GGT McCollum
RPC Chuck McCollum
General Grand Treasurer

Editor's Note: All Triennial Legislation has been posted on the triennial website at https://triennial.org/resolutions. The full text of the resolution, sponsor statement, and before and after the text is all available. Future issues will introduce these resolutions with more detail available on the Triennial Site.

Of Funds and Financial

Resolution 48-06 was submitted to allow for greater transparency to the Craft and to align current systems and processes to allow for better communication and a clearer understanding of the finances of the General Grand Council.

As stated in the Sponsor Statement, “The General Grand Council has had many changes over the past few years and is working to align the laws regarding finance to facilitate both optimized internal processes and transparency to the Craft.” Some of these changes include a new General Grand Treasurer and a new accounting software.

It is our hope that by more clearly defining the various funds and identifying their sources and uses, we can present a more complete and detailed accounting of each fund.

If you have a constructive suggestion regarding the wording of any of the proposed Amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws, your suggestion may be sent to the Deputy General Grand Master, William G. Snyder, as the Chairman of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.

Please forward questions and suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before July 9, 2021, so that appropriate responses and viable Committee amendments may be presented in due course with the support of the Sponsors and issued to the voting membership in advance of the business session on August 14, 2021.