Four Easy Ways to Support CMMRF, Part One
By Most Illustrious Companion Gary Wyne
Executive Secretary, CMMRF


CMMRF just successfully completed a 1st quarter 2021 drive to raise $50,000. A larger goal for the calendar year 2021 to raise $500,000 still remains ahead. It seems appropriate at this time to recommend for your consideration three methods in which the individual Companion, or anyone, can support and provide additional funds for CMMRF in a painless manner. Those four methods are through:

  2. Facebook Fund Raising
  3. Your Local Brand of Kroger Company, or your own local grocer. (Will be covered in Part Two)
  4. Employer Match of Contribution (Will be covered in Part Two)

With the world still being caught up in the virus pandemic, online shopping has become more and more active, convenient, and safe. Many of us regularly visit and shop the web vendor of By logging into one’s already established Amazon account using the address of one will observe near the upper left corner of the amazon window an opportunity to click on or near “supporting.” This will lead to the ability to choose or select Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation as the charity of choice. Once this is initialized, there is no need to revisit this selection process. Whenever and as often as one makes a purchase from this access, Amazon will donate one-half of one percent of the purchase amount to CMMRF. As of this writing, Amazon has contributed $1,966.67 to CMMRF via

  1. Facebook Fund Raising

Many of us use the social medium of Facebook to keep current with friends, family, and especially grandchildren. Facebook provides a means to do fundraising projects through its platform. After the latest revision to the front page of one’s Facebook account, the Fundraising button is in the extended menu appearing down the left side of the window. Clicking on Fundraisers brings up a window in which the button, “Select Non-Profit” appears. From there the user can select Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation. Proceeding, one can select a fundraising goal and a purpose for the fundraising. This is most effective in allowing and encouraging Facebook Friends to participate in celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. Facebook collects the funds and sends them to CMMRF withholding only a small service fee.