North Central Region Happenings
Submitted by Steve Balke, General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

Anthony Johnson
Anthony T. Johnson
North Central Regional Deputy General Grand Master

On early June 1, a regional conference call was held wih the North Central Region Grand Recorders. These calls will be mentioned in the Decryption as a way to nofify every Companion of what is happening with each Region. The Jurisdictional Highlights of the call are below. Other Regional Calls will be covered in the upcoming weeks.

  • Electronic Meetings
    • General Grand is working on alternatives and recommendations for how to navigate electronic meetings.
      • The Triennial alternative plans.
      • Providing platforms for electronic means.
      • If electronic, Special GG Assembly at earliest opportunity (where many members will also be).
  • General Grand Resources
    • Electronic Conferencing
      • Zoom – Used for the last two years, no malware apparent.
        • Upgraded to 500 users
      • – Not recommending due to experienced bandwidth issues.
    • Voting
      • Article prepared by Companion Len Roughgarden for New Mexico: Available here
      • Review by measures.
      • Avoid chat discussion on votes.
    • Feedback – Dr. Murphy – All the research is on hold for now except for actual ongoing trials – still doing some research for non-human contact projects.
    • Specific stem cells designated for a project so they were retasked to do COVID research – preliminary success for threating systems.
    • Seeking people who are interested in running for the Board of Trustees for the At-Large positions – deadline for submission 15 July. Ensure people are ready to be a part of an active working Board.
    • We have a 4th board space open to those who are outside the United States, specifically put in place to encourage participation outside the USA.
    • We had our first electronic board meeting, another one is scheduled for 15 July.
  • North Central Conference
    • Meetings in Negotiation
    • Think that the hotel is contracted for 3 years.
    • October
    • Rancona – Contract for 21
  • Updates
    • Nebraska
      • No in person meetings – 30 June – May be extended.
        • Governor restrictions to 25 people.
      • Installations over Zoom for Chapter and Council
      • No other activities.
    • Minnesota
      • Grand Officers meetings every month.
      • Started a Recorders meeting every month. (Propagating to the Dais)
      • June 26th – Microsoft Teams – Backup - Zoom on GGC
      • Going Electronic on 6/26-27 – Grand Council 26th 1:00PM
    • Iowa
      • Limited to 10 people and lots of restrictions.
      • Grand Commandery – 6/6
      • Grand Council – In Person Meeting planned 8/15
      • Grand Chapter – 8/1
    • North Dakota
      • Zoom – 7/11 (may adopt for future)
      • Wednesday planning meeting.
      • Steve will follow up with GM &/or GR
    • South Dakota
      • Grand Sessions Cancelled.
      • Officers staying in place.
    • Wisconsin
      • Grand Chapter is extending offer to recombine sessions with Grand Council.
      • 6/13 – Grand Commandery Meeting.