CMMRF - Reversing Heart Failure
Brian Ragain, RN

Brian Ragain, RN
Illustrious Companion Brian Ragain, RN, DDGIM OK

CMMRF, in with help from Dr. Philip Yang, has found a way to reverse the dying parts of a heart after someone has suffered a heart attack. Since the heart muscle does not fix itself after it dies, CMMRF has found a way to repair the heart muscle after it has suffered damage from a heart attack.

Too good to be true? It only takes a blood draw to isolate the parts of the blood that they need to work with, add a few 'genetic factors' into the mix to train them, and then place it where it needs to go. Every year, 785,000 people suffer from heart attacks, with approximately half of them only living another 5 years afterwards. This is because the damaged heart does not work like it used to, and the healthier parts have to work harder to pick up the slack. We now have the technology to 'repair' heart muscle! And not only repair it, but these cells are even making new cells! These new cells are acting like the cells inside of a child, reproducing just like they are supposed to do.

The output of blood from the heart is known as the 'ejection fraction.' What we have discovered is that we can improve the amount of blood pumped from a failing heart. More blood flow means more energy and improving your life, even to the time before the heart attack. And this discovery is not only for people with heart attacks, it also has been shown to help children with heart defects at the time of birth. Our donations to CMMRF are making this dream into a reality.