Gebal Council No. 15 Installation
By Illustrious Companion Teodoro Delint

Gebal Council Installation
Gabal Council No. 15 Installation

Mexico, Mexico City. Saturday, February 8, 2020. From noon, and with a sunny day and pleasant weather, the installation of elected officials of Gebal Cryptic Council No. 15, for the 2020 masonic exercise, was carried out in a public ceremony. During the ceremony the solemn oath of the IM was held Juan Manuel Aragon and the elected officials.

The ceremony was carried out smoothly with the participation of a total of 109 attendees (36 companions and 73 companions), who shared, in an atmosphere of fraternity, the good intentions of the new officers to fulfill the masonic work of the Advice. Some of the opinions of the council's companions, which was their first time at a public installation ceremony, were: "the fraternity is perceived in the air" .. Rosa Ramirez, "A very solemn event ... Ricardo Funes," The expected event of each year "... Pedro Alvarez.

After the ceremony, a family reunion and a fraternity meal was held. The Ceremony was accompanied by Past Grand Iluestre Master Wilhiem Neizser Giraud, as well as brothers of regular symbolic lodges, Shriners and Widows Son's Mexico.

The Gebal Council No. 15, through the Installer Officer, the illustrious past teacher, Teodoro Delint, thanked during the Ceremony the support received from the General Grand Cryptic Council of Crptyc Masons International, through his Great Illustrious Master Dave Grindle, of the Grand General Registrar, Stephen E. Balke, for facilitating the installation ritual.

He also said that they hope to have the support of the GGCCMI again to be present at the celebration of the 4th. Anniversary of the Gebal Cryptic Council No.15.

Gebal Council Installation
Gebal Council Installation