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By Wayne Long, Grand Master of the Grand Council of Wyoming

Super Excellent Master Degree
Super Excellent Master Degree

Editor's Note: Most Illustrious Commpanion Wayne Long is the current Grand Master of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Wyoming. Their Grand Sessions will be held September 12-14, 2019 in Sheridan, WY.

The 25th Great Plains Rendezvous was held in Cheyenne, Wyoming on June 29, 2019.  Wyoming was the hosting Grand Council with M.I.G.M Wayne Long representing Wyoming, M.I.G.M Thomas Thompson representing Colorado Grand Council and M.I.G.M Wayne Rector representing Kansas Grand Council of Cryptic Masons.

The meeting was opened in form by Wyoming and moved directly into the conferring of the Royal Master, Select Master and Super Excellent Master Degrees. The Grand Council of Colorado conferred the Royal Master Degree and Grand Council of Kansas conferred the Select Master Degree. Wyoming continued the obligation section of the Super Excellent Master Degree, and the degree was called from Labor to Refreshment for lunch provided by Harmony Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Cryptic Grand Masters of Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming flanked by the Wyoming Grand Master’s Rep and the General Grand Master
Cryptic Grand Masters of Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming flanked by the Wyoming Grand Master’s Rep and the General Grand Master

Labor was resumed on the Super Excellent Master Degree with 32 Royal and Select Masters participating in the Super Excellent Master Degree. All newly made Super Excellent Masters received a Certificate of Completion for their participation signed by the Most Illustrious Grand Masters of Wyoming, Colorado and Kansas.

This 25th Anniversary of the Great Plains Rendezvous was honored to have two representatives from the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International, David Grindle, General Grand Master of the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International and Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder of the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International.  Companion David Grindle congratulated all and talked of the importance of preserving the work of the Craft. Companion T. Mark Mickelson, representing Most Worshipful Grand Master, Ken Badget, of Wyoming addressed the members in attendance following closing comments from Colorado and Kansas. The Circle of Friendship was formed and the meeting was adjourned.

Important Facts of the 25th Great Plains Rendezvous:

  • Wyoming Masons in attendance: 54
  • Colorado Masons in attendance: 20
  • Kansas Masons in attendance: 16
  • South Dakota Masons in attendance: 2
  • General Grand Council Representatives: 2
  • Ladies accompanying Companions: 17
  • Certificates of Completion for G.P.R. furnished by Linda and Rodney Middleton of Kansas, Thanks You Two!!
  • Ladies Trolley Tour Furnished by Donna Long of Wyoming for Ladies Tour of Cheyenne, Wyoming.
  • Centerpieces for luncheon furnished by Donna Long for CMMRF Raffle.
  • CMMRF Donations were $590.00 from the Companions and Ladies,
  • Thanks goes Lorraine Van Zee for her assistance in Ladies activities.
  • A very special THANK YOU goes out to Jack Cook and members of Cheyenne Cryptic Masons, King Solomon #8, for their hard work to help in the success of this 25th Great Plains Rendezvous.
Royal Master Degree
Royal Master Degree
Select Master Degree
Select Master Degree

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