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Decryption Article Submission Form and Updates
Submitted by Will Highsmith, Decryption Editor, Cryptic Masons International

Will Highsmith
Will Highsmith
Decryption Editor


Happy new Triennium!  The Decryption Staff has been busy so far this year.  An article submission form has been created and is available at: https://crypticmasons.org/resources/technology-programs/decryption-article-submission  Please note that you must be logged into Google before visiting the page for the form to properly load.  This is a requirement of Google since we have file upload available through the form.  If you do not have a Google Account, submissions can be sent to the Decryption Submission Box by using this form: https://crypticmasons.org/contact-us?id=109  Please make a submission and try it out.  We are always looking for new content.

I would also like to welcome Most Illustrious Companion Barry Newell, Most Illustrious Grand Master of Idaho, who will be serving as Copy Editor.  Barry will be reviewing the articles each week before they are sent out and correcting any errors he locates.

Currently, the Decryption is going to 1,730 Companions with an open rate of around 50% and a typical click rate between 10% and 15%.  The newsletter has been well received and we would love you to submit an article that we could use in the newsletter.  The rates may not seem high but they are well above the average click rates of other organizations.  Thank you for your time reading this and please send us any feedback or articles that you can provide.

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