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General Grand Council Officer Nominations Due September 1, 2020
By Companion David A. Grindle
Most Puissant General Grand Master

David A. Grindle
Companion David A. Grindle
Most Puissant General Grand Master

Hello, From the Ninth Arch,

Since the 47th Triennial Assembly is rapidly approaching, we are seeking to streamline processes at the Assembly.

Therefore, there will be no nominations for the Officers of the General Grand Council accepted from the floor. If a qualified Companion is desirous of being on the ballot for a particular office, a declaration of intention to run for an office will be submitted to the General Grand Master and/or the General Grand Recorder no later than 1 September 2020. The declaration will include a current photograph, a short Masonic Biography, and the reason for running.

The qualifications for the Offices of the General Grand Council are as follows:

  • General Grand Master, Deputy General Grand Master, and General Grand Principal Conductor of the Work must be Past Grand Masters of a member Grand Council.
  • General Grand Treasurer and General Grand Recorder are not required to be Past Grand Masters but must be voting members of a member Grand Council, meaning the Companion must be a Past Illustrious Master.

Finally, if you have the interest to run for one of the five offices of the General Grand Council, you declaration must be submitted no later than 1 September 2020.


David Alan Grindle, KYGCH, GGCSV
General Grand Master

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